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Granite planters

Both in life and in the garden, each of us is an individualist. To highlight our individual relationship to the world, we surround ourselves with unique, beautiful objects. Such are proposed by us garden pots.
Their unique character makes us feel the world's only holder of such a copy. Wide range of shapes and colors helps us to find the exemple that suits our sense and aesthetics. Below we present a collection of unique garden and bonsai planters, made of granite and gneiss.
These are not patterns, each piece is unique. This is because we do not want to improve the nature. Careful selection brings the character and beauty of natural stone to the fore. We can also make an example according to your parameters, as well from other materials such as basalt or sandstone.

Product Price
Granite planters Small donica
60 - 85 € /piece
Granite planters Medium donica
85 -140 € /piece
Granite planters Large donica
above 150 € /piece
Granite planters for Bonsai donica
50 - 75 € /piece